Eclipse to Intellij IDEA migration

Ladies & gents, here are some impressions after switching to Intellij IDEA. Prior to that, I’ve been using Eclipse IDE for more than 10 years.It took 3 days to get basic efficiency with IDE. After 10 days of using it I decided to forget I was using Eclipse ever.

I could say IDEA is exactly what one developer needs. It is context aware (if you’re using code assistance in Java servlet it won’t offer you classes from Swing packages, or other nonsense). Refactoring support is incredible. It also warns you for some common mistakes while you’re coding (duplicate code, unused references, possible null pointers…). There’s also no need to save your file, forget about ctrl + s combination, your changes are auto-saved as you type.

IDEA has built-in terminal, REST client, JDBC database client (I find it the best database client I used so far). Git / SVN client provided is very powerful. Basically – IDE is equipped so much that you mostly don’t need to use any tool outside. Maven support is much better compared to Eclipse, especially in terms of dependencies resolution.

One word – impressive.

Here are some frequently used shortcuts for easier start (Download Intellij IDEA shortcuts):

  • Run action: ctrl + shift + a
  • Find class: ctrl + n
  • Find file: ctrl + shift + n
  • Quick documentation: ctrl + q
  • Quick definition: ctrl + shift + i
  • Find implementations: ctrl + alt + b
  • Search for text: ctrl + shift + f
  • Find usages: ctrl + alt + 7

I suggest downloading and evaluating Ultimate edition. After 30 days you can judge. Here’s a perfect demo (takes an hour) demonstrating real power Intellij offers.

There are a lot more videos provided at JetBrains official Youtube channel.

Feel free to post some comments, I’m curious to hear what’s the general perception of IDEA.

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