Having trouble branding yourself – meet John Sonmez!

Recently I was listening to Software engineering radio podcast, where guest was very interesting and inspiring person – John Sonmez. He is a software developer, but actually much more than that. I strongly encourage everyone to read his book:

Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual (Amazon link)

In that book he aggregates set of problems / challenges an average software developer encounters in her / his career. In there he covers most of the aspects that might influence career of a developer. He explains different careers you might have as a software engineer, such as company employee, consultant, entrepreneur. He explains advantages / disadvantages of each of them.

John also tries to cover issue of branding yourself as a developer. You need to build your online presence, be consistent, start your own blog and be regular at writing posts. He mentions terms of inbound / outbound marketing terms there. He gives advices how to search for new job, how to guide that process, how to do a salary negotiation, etc.

John introduces 10 steps learning process, which makes your learning process more effective. Idea is to start learning some module that isn’t too big to consume, and upon reading – you need to teach someone thing you learned. The best way to truly grasp some piece of knowledge is to actually try teaching someone to it.

Finally, John covers some topics not directly connected to software development, like finances, investments, productivity, fitness.

After reading his book, I felt quite inspired and I came to the idea to visit his blogging space, at simpleprogrammer.com. I found myself very motivated to sign up to his course, where he covers details how to start building your personal blog. If you’re curious to start blogging yourself, but you need some really nice and simple guidance with best advices how to do that, go ahead and visit course sign-up page.

I hope you’ll enjoy John’s work as much as I do

Stay tuned!


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