Top reasons why you should switch to MacBook from Linux

Some days back I made a switch from Ubuntu workstation to MacBook one. After spending 13 years on Ubuntu I decided to try something new. You never know what’s out there unless you give it a try. So, when my company asked my about workstation I’d prefer, I opted for MacBook Pro 2015. 

You already probably know a lot about Apple products, so without repeating that, I’ll just briefly describe my experience using MacBook:

  • Experience of using Apple products is really fantastic. We already knew that. Starting with lightweight hardware and the software that makes everything running smoothly.
  • If you’re coming from Linux and you’re a developer, you’ll have no big issues switching to Mac, since they’re both Unix based.
  • I especially like compact size, retina display and rich set of gestures you can perform on the trackpad.
  • It has a set of predefined defaults, which you can change at any point to fit your needs.
  • The only issue I came across is getting used to presence of Command key. Having Control and Command keys suddenly caused a big frustration at the beginning (especially using Intellij IDEA was very painful). But, like any other transition, muscle memory will be rebuilt as I use it.

I understand that prices you’re paying for Apple products are quite high, but now, as I use both IPhone and Macbook Pro – I have the feeling why is that so.

I suggest anyone having a chance to get one of Macs to give it a try and get some extraordinary user experience.

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